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Patent Number : 2473739 : Fred Waghorn : Multi Award Winning Inventor and Designer

: The White Chapel : Whatlington : Battle : East Sussex : England





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Aroma Stove - Dot

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Enjoy pure aromatherapy.

Apply magnetic aroma vaporizer to electric fan guard.

Induced airflow vaporizes essential oil to give you full inhalation extracted from the essence of the plant.


Apply a liberal amount of essential oil to wire coiled  washer placed over central threaded boss, then screw on  30mm cap, leaving the maximum cavity between plates.



Stoveasy Aroma was used by the romans

( latin for through smoke is "perfume")

Stoveasy vaporizer also works by heat transfer from non extreme heat sources, such as stove flue pipes and radiators

                   (always keep adjustment thread loose)

Thermal air currents draw the aromatic vapours to the ceiling

where they are carried to cooler part's of the room,

aroma decends like rain, dispersing it's fragrance.  


Awarded Accessory

of the Year.

Engineered and nickel plated to last a life time.

Invented and Patented by Fred Waghorn.

   30mm diameter nickel plated engineered magnetic Aroma Stove complete with 4 spare washers.

                      Price includes free UK mainland delivery - See detailed instruction page


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